Terms & Conditions

ONLINE QUOTE & BIDDING: All of our services are guaranteed to be carried out with the maximum amount of professionalism and quality. This online bid is designed to make your life easier, but is unfortunately unable to take every factor into consideration. We must however note that the numbers quoted are all based on the information provided on the previous screen (which we will hold on record) and that if there is a deviation from those numbers, we must charge accordingly. 

Our online bidding system is incapable of bidding anything that is above and beyond regular cleaning services. All bids produced by this system are subject to change, although we try not to whenever possible. 

Factors such as extra ladderwork, heavy soiling, mineral deposits, weak or fragile landscaping, interior access, previously damaged or worn out screens or gutters, or anything else that we are unable to factor into this sight-unseen bid which might affect the price will have to be taken into account, if need be, at the time of service– but before the service commences. You saved yourself time. You saved us gas & time. And this whole process has helped the environment. 

We consider that when we are making these adjustments and only do so when it is absolutely necessary and with great consideration. Our mission is NOT to bait and switch. We just thought it is only fair that we let you know that!

Below you will find some not so fun, but necessary instructions and FAQ’s to help your appointment be as stress-free as possible.


PERSONAL LARGE ITEMS: Please take note that for liability reasons, any furniture or fragile items that might be in the way of the windows need to be moved approximately 2 ft away from the window prior to our appointment time, unless an accidental damage waiver is signed. This is to ensure that our crew can get you taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

This also ensures that no damage ever accidentally happens to your valuable personal items! This does not include any window treatments. (Very Heavy furniture items that aren’t easily moved can be left in place.) Any windows that are blocked by personal items may be skipped and not cleaned.

HOME ACCESS: For yours and our safety, there must be an adult 18 or over at the home for us to enter. Any children under the age of 18 must be home with an adult.

We will ring the doorbell to get permission to be on the property to complete the job. If you give us permission to clean the windows while no one is home, we will request a written consent, via email or text that we have permission to clean the property while it is unattended. We will send a notification when we arrive and when we are completed as well as send any pictures.

Please make sure that we are able to access all areas that need to be cleaned, especially if you will not be home at the time we will arrive. This would include any locked gates and doors.

OTHER HOME SERVICES: (Housekeepers / Landscaping) If possible, please schedule your window cleaning appointment around any other home services like Landscaping, Painting, House Cleaning Etc. This helps us not be in the way of other professionals and allows us to do an efficient and thorough cleaning. We are a FINISHING CREW and cannot work around other projects that will hinder our end result. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with the service we provide!

WEATHER: Occasionally inclement weather can affect our schedule but it is actually a rare event that we have to reschedule due to the weather. The rain actually does not affect our results, since we are cleaning the dirt off the windows, rain should not cause a problem. 

The only time we typically have to reschedule is if there is a dangerous lightning and wind storm, or ice and snow that creates hazardous conditions. Of course, ultimately you have the option to reschedule due to weather if you like, but be mindful that our schedule can be full for up to 2-3 weeks at a time depending on the season. 

Also, keep in mind, all of our cleaning packages offer a rain day guarantee-if any of our work is messed up due to weather, we will come back and touch up the affected windows the next time we are in the area free of charge!

TOUCH UP / RAIN GUARANTEE: If the window cleaning package you selected has a rain guarantee, this includes the exterior touchup of up to 10 windows on the 1st floor of your home within the allotted time frame. If you’d to request a touchup, send an email request to kjswindowcleaning@gmail.com and be sure to include a picture(s) of the windows you’d like to be touched up. We will then set up a time within 21 days to touch up your windows. 

Because we will schedule your touchup between other clients, the screens MUST be taken off prior to our arrival and re-installed by the homeowner after completed. This will allow us to touch up your windows even if no one is home.

DOCUMENTATION / PHOTOS: For internal documentation purposes, we may need to take exterior photos of the home. These photos are NOT to be used in marketing and are only for company documentation. If you give us permission to take photos/video for marketing purposes, we will get permission with a signed document.

BOOKING: Effective immediately, a CC must be put on file to book an appointment. This will be done via a secure, private invoice and can be done online for your convenience.  A non- refundable $25 deposit is required for booking services. By paying the $25 deposit you are agreeing to our terms & conditions

PAYMENT: One last reminder, payment is due upon completion of service, unless previous arrangements have already been made. If you have to leave your home prior to completion of our services, arrangements will be made to allow secure payment online. We accept check, cash and credit cards for your convenience and we always send you a receipt of payment for your personal records. Also if our rockstar technicians blow your mind and do an exceptional job for you, they are happy to accept a small tip as a token of appreciation, although not required.

CANCELLATION & RE-SCHEDULING: All appointments will be requested to confirm their appointment 3 days prior to schedule date.You will receive an email &/or text, simply reply with a “yes” or similar to confirm your appointment. 

Any appointment that is CANCELLED and/or RESCHEDULED less than 48 hours prior to the appointment will:

  1. Be assessed a $100 late reschedule fee, not credited to any other appointment.
  2. Be required to place a $200 deposit on future appointments.
 In the event a refund is applicable,  all refunds will be mailed via check in 21 business days of request. This includes refunds of pre-paid services and giftcards as well. 


YOU DID IT! Thanks for making it this far, now that we got that taken care of we can look forward to meeting and amazing you with sparkling clean windows.